About Me

Hi, I'm David

I am a 20 year old videographer located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I am a TV/Film Major at DeSales University and have been creating video content since elementary school. My specialities are music videos and commercials. I am a musician and small business owner myself, so I know first-hand the power that videos can have for marketing. They really create a whole new level of exposure for an artist or company's work. My music videos have been shown at AMC Times Square and Becky's Drive-In theater. I also offer editing services. If you have any videos you need edited, I can get them done.


  • My favorite director is Stanley Kubrick

  • I have worked with a crew interviewing Mario Andretti

  • I typically shoot on a Sony A7III

  • I have played drums for over 10 years and have done countless gigs with bands.

  • I run two original clothing brands (www.noswagclothing.com and www.easeofmindapparel.com )

  • I was born in Arizona

  • I have filmed court-side at the Philadelphia 76ers

  • I have been on set during an interview with Mario Andretti